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Welcome to Purely Poultry!

Purely Poultry provides baby chicks for sale and poultry books and DVDs at great prices. Purely Poultry offers over 300 breeds - from bantams and mallard ducklings to peafowl and swans for sale. We ship nationwide with a live guarantee. Your baby chicks, ducklings or other baby fowl will ship from National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) certified poultry hatchery suppliers straight to your local post office.

Select from 300 breeds of fowl including bantams, baby chickens, ducklings, guineas, peafowl, pheasants, quail, turkeys and geese for sale.

At Purely Poultry, educational resources are an essential component of our product line because it's important that our customers know how to properly care for the birds we offer. We offer a selection of books and DVDs on the subjects of:

At Purely Poultry, our main business is offering baby chicks for sale. We carry day old chicks that are categorized by:

  • Meat type
  • Egg type
  • Ornamental value
  • Type of chicken, including bantams

Meat type and egg type chicks are offered year round and ornamentals and bantams are available from the months of February to November.

Purely Poultry offers ducklings for sale between the months of February to November. We carry duckling breeds specifically for meat, egg production and ornamental purposes.

Purely Poultry has 12 breeds of geese for sale. These goslings hatch from March to June and can only be purchased in pairs or as straight run as hatched. Geese can be combined with Ducks.

At Purely Poultry, we offer 23 colors of Guinea Keets. We have competitive prices on White, Pearl, Lavender and Royal Purple guineas. We also carry 19 rare colors of guineas.

Need pheasant chicks for game hunting preserves, dog training or pheasant release programs? Purely Poultry has several breeds of pheasant chicks for sale including the Chinese Ringneck, Kansas Ringneck, Manchurian Cross and Melanistic Mutants. These pheasant chicks hatch between the months of March to August. The purchase minimum of the pheasant chicks for sale is 50 chicks. Pheasants can be included with Chukar Redleg Partridges for sale. Female pheasants, which aren't usually desired for hunting purposes, are offered at a discount.

Purely Poultry also offers quail for sale, which are raised for meat, eggs or hunting. We carry Northern Bobwhite, Tennessee Red Bobwhite, Pharaoh Coturnix and Tibetan Coturnix quail. Quail chicks are available April to September with a minimum order per type of 100 quail.

Turkey Poults offered at Purely Poultry are broad breasted industrial meat type turkeys and heritage breed turkeys. These turkey chicks are available between March and June.

In addition to the poultry breeds listed above, Purely Poultry also offers specialty breeds including Rhode Island Red Chickens, peafowl as well as Pekin Ducklings, Rouen and Runner Ducklings.

Purely Poultry accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Paypal, Check or Money Order.