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Beginner's Guide to Raising and Showing Chickens Video DVD


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Beginner's Guide to Raising and Showing Chickens DVD

This DVD Makes Starting a Backyard Flock Easy!

Want to start a fun family project with a few birds in your backyard? Concerned about the way birds are raised on factory farms? Or do you miss fresh eggs?
No matter why you're thinking of starting your own flock, this is the DVD for you. Created by Allison MacLeod, a Hollywood producer who's kept chickens in her backyard for over 30 years, the "Beginner's Guide" tells all the tricks she and other poultry experts have learned to make keeping a backyard flock easy.

If you are new to showing chickens or if you want an easy way to brush up on your showmanship skills, this DVD is for you! It guides you on how to select chickens for show, groom and train them!

At almost 4000 videos sold and no unsatisfied customers, this video is guaranteed to help anyone who wants to successfully raise a flock of backyard birds.

This DVD Feature Information on:
Brooder Preparation
Unpacking Mail Order Chicks
Choosing Chicks For Show
Choosing Chicks For a Backyard Flock
Treating Chick Health Problems
How to Move Young Birds into a Yard
Hen House Options
Flock & Parasite Management
How to Spot Diseases
Grooming Chickens For Show
Training Birds For Showmanship
Basic Butchering
Poultry Experts Are Buying This DVD for Their Own Use!

Allison enlisted the help of experts from the American Poultry Association and the American Bantam Association to talk about both caring for chickens and showing poultry. To demonstrate youth showmanship, Allison taped Dr. Francine Bradley, one of the world’s most renowned chicken experts. Well known as the co-author of the National 4-H Guide to Poultry Showmanship, Dr. Bradley explains in simple, concrete, exact words how to begin and then win at poultry showmanship. To show exactly what Dr. Bradley describes, a range of prize-winning young competitors go through their paces in settings that any young person can easily see and then create at their own home. Detailed demonstrations by award-winning showmanship competitors teach also viewers how to choose, groom and train chickens to win at poultry showmanship events. Dr. Bradley also lists the most common novice mistakes and how to avoid them.
For the first time, this DVD offers all poultry show enthusiasts demonstrations of how to find, raise, train and prepare standard-bred chickens for showing. There are detailed, step-by-step demonstrations of grooming chickens for shows and interviews with nationally recognized APA judges describing exactly how they rank and judge standard-bred chickens at those shows.

Over two dozen nationally recognized Poultry Experts have recommended this DVD to their 4-H and FFA leaders.