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Black Rosecomb Bantams


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Day Old Black Rosecomb Bantams

Hatching mid-February to May.

Black Rosecomb Bantams are, in some ways, the ultimate chicken for the fancier interested in showing birds.

Production: Black Rosecombs are kept for exhibition and competition purposes. They are not productive egg layers, and they are too small to be meat birds.

Temperament: While Rosecombs are not particularly aggressive, they are also not exactly affectionate. They can fly quite well, but don’t seem to mind confinement.

History: Rosecomb Bantams, especially Black Rosecomb Bantams, have been around for a long time. In fact, there are records dating back to the 14th century. The breed is one of a group of “true bantams,” which means there is not a large version of the same chicken.

Because Black Rosecombs are raise primarily for exhibition, several distinctive traits have been bred for: large, round, white earlobes, a comb that is quite large when compared to the rest of the bird’s body, commanding tails, and a generally compact body type.

There are as many as 25  color varieties of Rosecombs, but the most popular (and the only one offered at Purely Poultry) is the Black Rosecomb. The American Poultry Association included the Black Rosecomb Bantam in its first issue of the Standard of Perfection in 1874, and the American Bantam Association recognizes many of the color variations.

Words like “proud,” “flashy,” and “aristocratic” are used to describe Black Rosecomb Bantams, and they are apt adjectives. They make good pets, but are not the best choice for novices to the chicken fancy.

Colors: Black with white earlobes, red combs, and slate legs.

Body Type: Small, compact and with an upright tail. Males have long, graceful sickle feathers.

Standard Weights: Rooster 26 oz, Hen 22 oz, Cockerel 22 oz, Pullet 20 oz

APA Class: Rosecomb Clean Legged


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