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All 16 of our beautiful little chicks made it home safe and sound. they had a 1400 mile journey and we worried a little about that. But all 16 we...

Black Sumatra Chickens


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Day Old Black Sumatra Baby Chicks

Hatching March to September.

Black Sumatras give you an idea of what chickens might have been like before hundreds of years of domestication. They are a little wild and very beautiful.

Production: Black Sumatras are strictly ornamental, but will lay around 100 eggs per year. They are quite small, and so not suitable to raise for meat.

Temperament: Sumatras don’t like to be handled, and males can be aggressive toward each other, especially during breeding season. They are good fliers and do not like containment.

History: The first Sumatras were imported into the United States in the 1800s for purposes of fighting. Today, they are raised for their beauty. Black Sumatras are a dark, beetle-green color, with long hackle and tail feathers. Their plumage and carriage are beautiful.

Aside from the fact that they retain enough “wild” characteristics that they are often compared to pheasants, Sumatras also often have multiple spurs on each foot. They are certainly not “typical” small flock fowl, but their rarity and beauty make them worth keeping.

They are excellent foragers, and active. Another unusual aspect of Sumatras is that they tend to breed seasonally. Most of the time, males can live harmoniously together, but during breeding season become aggressive. Hens are generally only broody during breeding season as well.

Black Sumatras were accepted into the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 1883.

Colors: Black Sumatras are a consistent, dark, greenish color. Their plumage is lustrous and stunning.

ALBC Status: Sumatras are listed in the Critical category by the ALBC. This means that there are fewer than 500 breeding birds in the US, and 5 or fewer breeding flocks. Much work needs to bring this ancient and beautiful breed back to healthy population levels.

Body Type: The Sumatra is small, but has great command due to its impressive carriage and long, regal-looking feathering.

Standard Weights: Rooster 5 lbs, Hen 4 lbs, Cockerel 4 lbs, Pullet 3.5 lbs

APA Class: Any Other Standard Breeds


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