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RI Reds and Easter Eggers

Received Rhode Island Red and Easter Egger Chicks first part of June, happy to say all chicks are lookin good healthy. We are new to poultry and are...


Poultry Books

Books are free shipping by Media Mail.

There are probably more reasons to buy books about poultry than there are reasons to actually buy poultry. If you have no experience at all with poultry, but you think you'd like to raise a backyard flock, you should probably begin by reading and researching and learning what to expect. If you have a flock, you might be interested in different breeds, diseases, types of coops, genetics or anything else from an almost endless list of topics.

Aside from the information available in books, the art work and photography in many poultry books is outstanding. We carry everything from children's books to books on genetics. If you are not sure which book will fit your needs best, we are happy to answer questions.