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Cornish Cross Broilers
  • Cornish Cross Broilers
  • Cornish Cross Broilers
  • Cornish Cross Broilers
  • Cornish Cross Broilers

Cornish Cross Broilers


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Cornish Cross Broilers Details

Day Old Cornish Cross Broilers Baby Chick

Hatching year round.

Coccidiosis Spray is available for Cornish Cross birds only. As an option, we are able to spray your chicks to help protect against Coccidiosis. The spray is absorbed through the skin. This method is used in organic and traditional flocks alike. If applied, do not feed your flock medicated feed. It will not harm the birds, but it will counteract the spray. The sprayed chicks may have a dye on them, which will wear off in time. It is vital that you keep bedding dry at all times. 

Cornish Rock Cross chickens we offer for sale are the same type of chicken that commercial poultry industry uses to produce the chicken meat for sale at the grocery store.

Weights: At six weeks males will be 6 pounds and females 5 pounds. Males gain about a pound a week and females one pound less.

Cornish Game Hens are female Cornish cross broilers processed when they are four weeks old at about two pounds. This provides you with a tender, compact chicken that is excellent for roasting.

Caring for your broiler chicks. We recommend using a 21% protein chick starter until they are 4 weeks old. Then transition the chick feed to a 20% protein broiler developer until the broilers are 8 weeks old. Use a 17% protein finisher from nine weeks to market.

Sometimes customer have leg problems with Cornish Cross; we suggest that you feed them once a day enough that the feed is gone within four or 5 hours. If you give them as much food as they want their bones may not keep up with their body weight.

Genetics: Many customers are looking to recreate the Cornish Cross by utilizing our Cornish breed and our Plymouth Rock breed chicks. These will not be the same. The Cornish cross has been scientifically bred for many years by scientists to provide the cheapest chicken meat available. You will not be as successful if you try yourself.

Cornish Rock Cross is the efficient broiler chicks available.

I have also written a guide on Judging Broiler classes for your county fairs, as the owner, Tyler Danke, judges County fair broiler chicken classes.