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Embden Geese

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Baby Embden Goslings

Hatching March to June.

If you want to raise geese for meat, the Embden is probably the best choice for you. They are heavy, and grow quickly. They are also attractive, quiet geese.

Production: A male Embden, or gander, will reach 26 pounds at maturity, and the female Embden, or goose, will weigh 20 pounds at maturity.

Temperament: Embden are generally calm, quiet geese.

History: Embden is one of the oldest breeds of geese, and there is debate as to where they originated. Many experts believe they came from Germany, around the Ems River, but a few others say they came from Denmark.

Regardless of where they originated, they have come to be the most popular breed for meat production. Embdens are the only commercially-raised breed of geese in the United States, because of their quick rate of growth and their heavy weight at maturity.

Embdens are attractive as well, with a long, graceful neck, bright blue eyes and pure white coloring. It is also the tallest breed. You can usually recognize a pure bred Embden from a hybrid by its eye color and height.

The first imports to the United States arrived in Boston, from Bremen, Germany in 1821. Rarely, people will refer to Embdens as "Bremens" for that reason. The breed was listed in the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection for the first time in 1874.

Colors: Pure white at maturity, though there may be some gray feathers on goslings. The legs, feet and bill are orange.

Status: The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy does not list Embdens because they are the most common domestic goose.

Body Type: Large body, with a long neck and oval head. The double keel does not touch the ground.

Standard Market Weight: Gander: 26 pounds, Goose: 20 pounds

Classification: American Poultry Association Class: Heavy Geese


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