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I got my chicks and all were alive and healthy they are just a little over a week old and almost doubled in size. Frisky little critters and are...

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Very Impressed

Sunday 20 April, 2014

We ordered 15 bantam chicks from Purely Poultry. We added the vaccine on a week after we ordered, which was no problem at all, and every staff member we talked to were extremely nice and helpful. Our chicks were set to ship on April 9th, and we received them a day and a half later. We got 6 extra baby chicks, and they were all extremely happy and healthy at the time we received them. Almost 3 weeks later, they are all still doing amazing. We are very very happy with everything, and will definitely order from Purely Poultry again!!
Testimonial By: Michael K. — Palisade, CO, United States

Very happy thank you purely poultry

Wednesday 16 April, 2014

I searched so many different websites, then I found this website. I love the outstanding service, the chicks, the arrival time, and the most important thing- they are 30 days older now and are all still alive. It was the best ever! thank you
Testimonial By: edimar h — revere, MA, United States

Guinea keets

Wednesday 16 April, 2014

Keets arrived when I was told they would. I ordered 25 and 26 were shipped, the 26th keet didn't make it. The rest are healthy and are now 22 days old, I am very pleased with Purely Poultry as I had purchased keets from another provider and out of nine only four lived. Store would only replace one. I will defiantly use this company again. Waiting on a shipment of ducks!
Testimonial By: Stephanie Carlin — malaga, WA, United States


Saturday 12 April, 2014

This is the first time we have ever had chicken. We ordered them online and they shipped 4/7/14 and we received them 4/8/14. The shipping was super fast and all the chicks were alive and well. We ordered 30 and they shipped 31. So far I am impressed with this company. It is now 4/12/14 and all the chicks are growing like weeds and are still happy and healthy. We would definitely order from here again and recommend this site to anyone looking to raise chickens. Thank-you so much
Testimonial By: paul schjenken — east bethel, MN, United States

baby chicks

Friday 11 April, 2014

My 50 baby chicks have arrived. One poor little girl didn't make it but she got a good funeral and burial. Like the 80 we ordered a year ago,very we are very pleased and hope to have many eggs from these girls also. Thank you
Testimonial By: Robert W. Cowsert Jr — Lexington, SC, United States

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