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Got my 5 Turken chicks (plus 2 extra chicks) about a week ago and I didn't think they will all make it during the shipping because this is my first...

Old English Game Bantams

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Day Old Old English Game Bantams

Hatching mid-February to October.

Production: Old English Bantam hens lay white to light tint colored eggs. Hens that brood are dependable setters; however, hens that don't brood will not lay eggs. Fortunately, Old English hens typically show broodiness, and are typically quite virile. Old English Bantam Chickens are productive setters over a short period. Old English Games can live up to twelve to sixteen years.

Temperament: The Old English Game bloodline is well known for being hardy and dependable. They are energetic, extremely active, and noisy. Less tolerant of close confinement than some other breeds and flourish when allowed the space to roam. They are excellent foragers and can make short work of unwanted insects and weeds. The hens that brood are diligent and protective mothers; Roosters are protective of their flock. With their aggression bred down, roosters can be kept together. Hens get along well with each other and other breeds.

History: The Old English Game is the progenitor of the Old English Bantam Chicken. The word bantam means small, or miniature. When England outlawed cockfighting in 1835, the bantam was developed. Since that time, they have been bred specifically for exhibition. The bantam became popular in the USA after it became a standard breed in 1925.

Color: The APA Standard of Perfection accepts twenty four varieties of bantam, with several others in development. These varieties include, but aren't limited to: birchen, black, blue, blue golden duckwing, brassy back, brown red, buff, cuckoo, lemon blue, golden laced, silver quill, red, and white.

Body type: Old English Game bantams have long legs and are fairly muscular with a full breast. With tight feathers and a hardy build, these chickens are able to weather all but the coldest winters. All roosters have striking plumage and long tail feathers. Hens look similar to the Roosters but lack the large tail feathers and are less colorful. They are the domestic breed most like the wild jungle fowl in appearance.

Standard Weights: Rooster 24 oz, Hen 22 oz, Cockerel 22 oz, Pullet 20 oz

Any blue variety ordered from Purely Poultry may include chicks with black, blue or splash plumage patterns.


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