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Pearl Guinea Keets


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Day Old Pearl Guinea Keets

Small orders (less than 15) placed now ship in June. Hatching year round.

Pearl Guineas are the most common and popular guinea fowl color. Guinea Fowl are known for their flight behavior and tick eating habits. They are wonderful backyard birds for those that are looking for a guard bird.

Production: Being seasonal layers, guinea fowl lay 160 eggs a year. The guinea hens can go broody and hatch out and brood their own young.

Temperament: The Pearl guinea fowl are flighty and loud birds. They are not recommended for the city keeper since they need a lot of space and area to forage. They do fly.

History: Guinea fowl has been in many cultures and history for quite some time. The Egyptians domesticated them 4,000 years ago and used them as a table bird.

Color description: The Pearl Guinea fowl is a dark gray color. They are marked with spots that are white in color. They have dark toes and shanks with black markings.

Weights: Cockerel 3.5 lbs, Pullet 3 lbs


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