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We ordered 16 chicks plus you sent 1 extra all arrived alive and healthy and are doing great! We will be placing another order in the near future....

Silver Duckwing Yokohama Chickens


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Day Old Silver Duckwing Yokohama Baby Chicks

Hatching February to July.

Rare heritage breeds are a great choice for any backyard flock. Listed below are the important facts about day old baby Silver Duckwing Yokohama chickens for sale.

Production: The Yokohama lays a nice tinted white egg. They also produce a fair amount of eggs so they are not typically kept as laying hens. Their magnificent colors and long tails make them ideal for showing and exhibition.

Temperament: These chickens are very docile. The roosters however can be a little confrontational with other roosters. Care should be taken when introducing mature roosters to established mixed flocks.

History: Yokohama chickens were developed in Germany during the 19th century. They are derived from Minohiki, a Japanese long-tailed variety of chicken.

Color Description: Yokohama chickens can come in a variety of colors. The Silver Duckwing Yokohama chickens display many different shades of silver in their plumage. Colors can range from very light silver to a very shiny black.

Status: The Silver Duckwing Yokohama chicken is considered rare. They are listed in critical status with the ALBC and are considered a sustainable heritage breed.

Body Type: The Yokohama are almost pheasant-like in stature. They have a regal upright carriage. They typically display a pea or walnut comb. Their long tails can grow two to three feet each year. In addition to long tail feathers, they also have long saddle feathers.

Standard Weights: Rooster 4.5 lbs, Hen 3.5 lbs, Cockerel 4 lbs, Pullet 3 lbs

Special Considerations: Use perches that are high off of the ground to ensure their long beautiful tail stays clean and healthy.

Silver Duckwing Yokohama chickens make beautiful additions to any backyard flock. Day old baby Silver Duckwing Yokohama chickens for sale are shipped through the postal service for speedy delivery. These beautiful chickens are sure to stand out in any flock.


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