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15 of 16 arrive safely

Received my order of 16 chickens but only 15 made it. Was sad to see one of the Welsummers did not arrive alive. Can't tell if it was the male or one...

White Guinea Keets


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Day Old White Guinea Keets

Hatching May to August.

The White Guinea fowl is a stunning color variety. They make wonderful pest controllers for the backyard and great guard birds. They make a splendid addition to the backyard flock.

Production: Being seasonal layers, the guinea lays the best during late spring and summer. They will lay around 160 eggs per year. The guinea hen can go broody and hatch her own keets.

Temperament: The White Guinea Fowl has similar temperaments as the other color varieties of the guinea fowls. They are loud birds and very flighty. They do wonderful in large coops, flight pens or free range.

History: Being domesticated 4,000 years ago by the Egyptians, the guinea fowl has been popular in many cultures. The Romans and Greeks domesticated the guinea fowl further and so did the Portuguese traders in the 15th century. White Guinea Fowl is a color mutation of the normal type pearl variety.

Color description: The White Guinea Fowl is a solid pure white color in both genders. The feathers have no pearling or white spots. They have black hair feathers located on their lower necks and hackles. They have orange shanks and toes.

Weight: Cockerel 3.5 lbs, Pullet 3 lbs


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