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48" Height, Electric Poultry Netting, 164' Length


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48" Height, Electric Poultry Netting, 164' Length Details

48" Height, Electric Poultry Netting, 164' Length

This Electric Poultry Netting, which is 4 feet high with 3.5 inch spacing and 14 graduated lines, is perfect for keeping your chickens and poultry in and predators out. It is also appropriate for sheep, goats, dogs, and pigs. And it can used to protect vegetable gardens, beehives and apiaries as well. It can be set up in minutes!

This netting is designed for ease of moving, which is perfect for pastured and rotational operations. You can set up a safe and protected enclosure almost anywhere and move it easily and quickly whenever it is needed.   

It comes in 164-foot lengths, so it covers a lot of ground, yet is also extremely portable. The posts are built into the netting and have step-ins, so the posts are easily sunk into the ground with your foot. Each 164-foot length of Electric Poultry Netting has 13 posts. When moving and carrying your electric netting fence be sure to fold the sections post by post instead of rolling it - that makes a big difference in ease of repositioning it.

This Electric Poultry Netting is high quality, made with long lasting stainless steel conductors. The vertical stays are very rigid and are spaced 3.5 inches apart, which help keep the net from drooping in between the posts. The horizontal lines are spaced only 2.25 inches apart on the bottom rows and farther apart toward the top, which provides the ultimate in predator-proofing. 

The bottom line is non-conductive, which reduces shorting in situations with long weeds or pasture. But we still recommend that you keep the area your electric netting fence is in mowed and clear as possible of weeds and grasses for best conduction.  

Some breeds of chickens, particularly the flightier breeds such as leghorns, may fly over this fencing. Also in very dry weather or snow the conductivity of the fence may be compromised. 

Three options:

Orange - wet soil

White - wet soil 

Posi/Neg - The Positive/Negative Electric Poultry Netting is for very dry locations, which would have poor grounding ability. The Posi/Neg net skips the need for grounding, and has two different lines in it, positives and negatives, and so an animal approaching the net must touch both to complete the circuit and receive the electric zap.

This Electric Poultry Netting is made in the U.S.A.

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48" Height, Electric Poultry Netting, 164' Length

48" Height, Electric Poultry Netting, 164' Length

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