8-Inch Thermometer With Humidity

8-Inch Thermometer With Humidity Details

8-Inch Thermometer With Humidity 

This item is one of the simplest yet most important supplies to have on hand when incubating eggs. We love the fact that it is digital or dependent on batteries or electricity - it is an old-fashioned and simple thermometer and humidity gauge. 

It is constructed for both indoor and outdoor use so it can be counted on in all sorts of environments including the incubator and brooder. It is lightweight, so it can be laid right on top of the eggs in your incubator and give you an exact idea of how warm and how humid the eggs are. 

This 8-Inch Thermometer With Humidity is very useful in multiple applications. It is durable and has a one-year limited warranty. And it comes with an integrated hang hole for easy mounting. 

Even if your incubator has a thermometer built-in, we really recommend having a backup. After your chicks hatch, you can also then use this thermometer to monitor the conditions in your brooder. 

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8-Inch Thermometer With Humidity

8-Inch Thermometer With Humidity

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