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Adopt Me Bargain Details

Adopt Me Bargain

Available year round.

This is a special hatchery choice package for someone who is looking for a great deal as well as a surprise! Hatchery choice means those that have not been sold as specific breeds or varieties. We do not guarantee a variety. It is possible that you get all one kind. We do not mark or record the breeds.

You may order as many birds as you want, and we send you a variety of the babies we have on hand. Your Adopt Me Bargain can include any number of chicks, which can be either standard-sized or bantam breeds. Chicks can be any breed and can include egg laying, meat, or dual-purpose breeds. You may even get some broad breasted turkey poults! Bargains like this are great ways to add diversity to your flock and try out new things.

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Adopt Me Bargain

Adopt Me Bargain

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