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Amherst Chicken Coop
  • Amherst Chicken Coop
  • Amherst Chicken Coop
  • Amherst Chicken Coop

Amherst Chicken Coop


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Amherst Chicken Coop Details
Fits 12-15 Chickens
Customizable, convenient, attractive, easy to clean, and delivered straight to your driveway. This 5' x 6' Chicken Coop has 24-square-feet of floor space. Quality Amish construction. 
6 nest boxes for your egg laying hens. Easy collection with the outside accessible door that latches open for your convenience and latches shut when not in use.
54" x 6" horizontal window allows ventilation in warmer weather. Covered in vinyl coated mesh for protection from predators. Secure closure against wind, rain, and snow.
2 double hung windows in the front, screened, attractive and functional. Covered with 1" x 1" vinyl coated steel screen for predator protection.
2 wooden roosting bars
Coop floor is made of GLASBOARD®--an innovative fiberglass reinforced plastic that is easy to clean and will not mold, mildew, or rot.
Room to hang your feeders and waterers from ceiling
Optional electrical package for a 100-watt light, an inside switch/outlet, and 50' outdoor extension cord.
18" x 48" human accessible door with key and twist handle
Choose from pine board and batten with a clear stain and green metal roof or a Duratemp plywood sided version with 3-tab asphalt shingled roof, both in your choice of colors..
Pressure treated wood legs and base, raise coop off the ground. A raised coop gives your flock protection from the elements and some predators, as well preventing rot on coop.
Chicken door comes with ramp and latches closed when not in use. The doors secure with 2 metal latches.
Optional automatic chicken door and battery, will open chicken door at dawn and close at dusk automatically.
Optional chicken tractor upgrade. This option provides wheels in place of the wooden legs. The coated metal wagon chassis includes four tires and handle. The front two tires swivel for easier turning.
Optional Cleaner Coop Kit keeps you chicken coop clean! Read more about it here 
Order fully assembled or in a kit consisting of 35 pieces. No previous experience needed for assembly - just you, a friend and 2-4 hours is all that is necessary. Tools needed for assembly include a hammer, phillips screwdriver, and a tape-measure. The metal roof or the electrical package is not available with this option.
Coop or kit will arrive in 2-5 weeks. Curb-side delivery is included. Make sure an able-bodied adult is present during delivery to assist with placement. For an additional $200.00, this coop can be placed in your yard. A 10' clearance to coop placement site required.
No cancellations or refunds.

Amherst Chicken Coop

Amherst Chicken Coop

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