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Asian Black Chickens Details


Asian Blacks are a new type of chicken being bred for both meat and egg production. These are beautiful birds that appear black or black with red at first glance. But then as the light hits them, their feathers flash in a brilliant blue and green sheen. They have greenish-gray legs and feet. Combs and wattles are red.

Asian Blacks are very rare and hard to find, but will surely become very popular as they are an ideal chicken for backyards and homesteads as well as larger production farms. They are hardy and adaptable and get along fine with other breeds of chickens.


Production: Asian Black Chickens were developed for production, and they do not disappoint. Females are solid layers of 200-250 brown eggs per year. Males make dependable meat birds. Asian Blacks mature faster than many heritage breeds but a bit slower than the classic broiler breeds. These are reliable and worthy all-purpose chickens. Asian Black have been shown to do well in both confinement settings as well as in pastured environments.


Temperament: The easy going yet energetic temperament of Asian Blacks make them ideal additions to any flock.


History: The Asian Black Chicken is a newly developed breed in the U.S. These birds harken back to the great and ancient Asian breeds such as the Langshan. The Langshan influence is very apparent looking at the Asian Black, but the Asian Black is a stockier bird with more production potential. This is a perfect breed for adding some extra diversity to an egg or meat flock.


APA Class: Not recognized.


Conservation Status: Not applicable.


Body Type: Asian Black Chickens are medium sized chickens with a sturdy, upright carriage. They are clean legged and perky birds. They do fine in both cold and hot conditions.


Weight: Cockerel 4.5 lbs, Pullet 3.5 lbs

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Asian Black Chickens

Asian Black Chickens

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