Australian Black Swans

Australian Black Swans
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  • Breeding season February -September
  • Clutch Size 4-6 eggs
  • Incubation period 35-50 days
  • around 20 pounds

***Australian Blacks are breeder age at 15-18 months.*** Our swans are pinioned. 

With the longest necks of any swan species, and generally large bodies, Black Swans are striking in appearance discounting their plumage. They are almost all black but do have white flight feathers on their wings. They have red bills that have a distinct white band around them. Their legs and feet are grayish-black.

Black Swans are common in the southern parts of Australia and can be found, but are considered uncommon or rare, in many other areas of Australia, with the exception of the Cape York Peninsula. There is some debate as to whether or not Black Swans should be considered native to New Zealand, but there is a thriving introduced population there. Black Swans lose their flight feathers after molting and so are unable to fly for about a month each year. During that time, they mostly stay on large, open bodies of water for safety. They prefer brackish, swampy areas.

Although they are monogamous, Black Swans are the most social of all the swan species. Pairs will also build nests nearer to one another than other species of swans.

They are winter hardy. As with all species, the Australian black should have access to open water at all times.

Diet: Basic waterfowl pellet, grains, seeds, greens (grass, lettuce, etc.)

Nest Site Preference: Large vegetation pile (sticks, reeds, straw, etc).Incubation Period: 35-50

Miscellaneous Notes: Black Swans are monogamous, and both parents take part in the incubation of eggs and rearing of young, with the cob protecting the pen and eggs and the pen rarely leaving the nest.



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Australian Black Swans

Australian Black Swans

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