Bantam Hatching Eggs

Bantam Hatching Eggs
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Bantam Hatching Eggs

** Hatching Eggs will produce a straight run of chicks *****

Purely Poultry guarantees our eggs to be a minimum of 80% Fertile upon candling prior to hatch and notifying us 3 days prior to hatch. Due to variables beyond our control, we do NOT guarantee hatch rates.

Bantams may be the most collectible and addictive of all the domestic fowl, and sometimes you just can't decide which ones to choose. Or maybe this is the first time you're considering adding bantams to your flock, and all the options in colors, patterns, and styles are just overwhelming. This offering is a solution to that conundrum!

Bantams are chickens that are smaller in size than regular, or standard, chickens. They are usually about half the size. Some bantams are miniaturized versions of standard breeds, and other bantams are specifically only bantams.

Although Bantams are usually raised as ornamental or pet birds, they do produce eggs and some Bantam breeds produce a high number of eggs. The eggs are small but can be doubled in recipes and used just like standard-sized eggs.

Bantams are personable and fun additions to any backyard flock.

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Bantam Hatching Eggs

Bantam Hatching Eggs

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