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Bantam Standard 2014

The Bantam Standard is a compilation of information on many of the bantam breeds of chickens and ducks as well as colors accepted by the ABA. The American Bantam Association has done a great job putting this reference together for breeders, poultry judges, and exhibitors.

The book starts with the mission statement of the ABA, a history of the ABA, a listing of the bantam chickens and ducks included in the Standard and then breaks them out into their seven classes.

The next several sections are primarily dedicated to the bantam chicken breeds. First are several pages geared for the judges and serious breeders of bantam chickens. A wealth of information is provided on scoring, making awards, frizzles, displays, and how to select champions. There are multiple pages of diagrams of chicken anatomy, followed by a section on defects and disqualifications for bantam chickens. A chart of all standard weights for bantam chickens is next, new chick down color, and then information on inactive breeds and inactive colors. These inactive breeds and colors are recognized but not included in the books because they are not regularly shown.

Next is the detailed information on the different bantam chicken breeds. Included for each is a brief history, standard weights, shape of male and female, disqualifications, defects, and then color descriptions for each gender. Black and white illustrations of some of the breeds are included. The detailed breed information is followed by a collection of full color illustrations of select bantam chickens and bantam ducks. Next is plumage color details for males and females and then a glossary of bantam chicken terms.

Finally, there is a small section for the bantam ducks that covers much of the same information: detailed anatomy diagrams, judging information, glossary, and the detailed information by breed

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Bantam Standard

Bantam Standard

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