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Barnacle Geese

Branta leucopsis

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The Barnacle Goose is a smaller species of goose that is black and white in color and quite elegant. If you are looking for a pair to add your backyard or aviary, these beautiful birds might be the perfect fit!

Description: This is a beautiful bird, with a black bill in a white face, black head and neck and a silvery grey back. The back has black and white barring. The belly is white and the tail is black. Legs and feet are black.

Range: Wild Barnacle Geese are native to the Arctic Islands of the North Atlantic, Breeding colonies are found in Scotland, the Netherlands, and areas bordering the Baltic Sea. They are a migrating species.

Habitat: This goose nests high on rocky mountain cliffs to avoid predators. When they are three days old, goslings jump out of the nest to the ground below, where they are led to grazing in salt marshes and estuaries by their parents.

Status in the Wild: There are four breeding populations in Northern Europe, numbering from 8,000 to 130,000 individuals. The Barnacle Goose is not native to North America.

Status in Aviculture: This beautiful bird is popular with collectors.

Breeding: This Species of geese nest in closely packed colonies. Females will lay from four to six eggs per clutch and incubation lasts 24-25 days. In 40-45 days, the young fledge. The Barnacle Goose is sexually mature at three years of age.

Lifespan: The typical lifespan of the Barnacle Goose is about 12 years. Lifespans of up to 26 years have been recorded.

Weight: The Barnacle Geese weigh in between 3-4.5 pounds.

Housing Requirements: North American sightings of Barnacle Geese are of individuals who have escaped. A secure run is recommended. Many hobbyists house these geese in shelters with brush and vegetation to allow the birds to forage to get more supplemental diet on top of their commercial one.

Diet: The Barnacle goose is mainly a vegetarian. They eat grasses as their main diet, however when grass is not available, such as in winter, they will eat seaweed and shellfish. In captivity, the birds should be given a lot of forage to eat, as geese love to eat grasses and weeds. The commercial feed is for exotic waterfowl and it comes in a pelletized form.

Miscellaneous Notes: Barnacle Geese are covered under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act which means that they will come with paperwork stating that these are captive bred. If you wish to sell, trade, or give away these birds you will need to have a license.

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Barnacle Geese

Barnacle Geese

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