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Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams Details

Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams

Hatching February to October.

Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams provide the beautiful American-classic Barred Plymouth Rock patterning and style but in a tight and compact bantam size. The bright barring design, red wattles and comb, and yellow feet just define the rural lifestyle and are wonderfully pleasing to the eye.

Production: Although they are mainly used as ornamental birds and as pets, they will lay lots of brown bantam size eggs.

Temperament: Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams are active, bold, and friendly, and are a fun and pretty addition to the backyard flock. They make a great pet chicken.

History: Plymouth Rocks were one of the first American breeds. They were present at the very first American Poultry Show held in Boston in 1849. They continue to be one of the most common American breeds. The Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams are one of the most popular of bantams and have been featured members of backyard flocks for over half a century.

Colors: Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams have the distinctive barring pattern of coal-black and white stripes. The feathers that make up the overall barring are each horizontally crossed with the coal black and the white color, which line up to make a very sharply-defined barring pattern. Sometimes the barred pattern has an optical-illusion effect, especially in the roosters, which are slightly lighter in color than the hens. Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams also have bright yellow legs and well-defined red wattles, ear lobes, and straight combs with five even points. Chicks are dark, mostly black, with light markings.

Conservation Status: NA

Body Type: Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams are stocky little fowl with short, stout beaks, large reddish-brown eyes, and a deep body. Tails are full and of medium length. They are alert and upright.

Weight: Cockerel 32 oz, Pullet 28 oz

APA Class: Single Comb Clean Legged, the Barred variety was admitted in 1940.

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Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams

Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams

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