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Beak Balm Chap Sticks- 3 pack

Nature’s goodness for your lips! Meant more for the owner than the chicken, this yummy stuff is Handmade and allergy-free, and won't harm any chicks in its application.

 Purely Poultry's Beak Balm is an all-natural sweetened lip balm that isn't waxy, greasy, or sticky!  Using Cocoa Butter as its main ingredient, this stuff is perfect for the burnt lips of summer or the dry lips of winter. The team here at Purely swears by this stuff and it might even do something for your chicken's lips too! (Did I just say that?)

Put down that nasty-tasting chapped-lip grease, Beak Balm comes in 50+ tantalizing flavors that taste as good as this stuff works!  We've divided them into three flavor assortments that will have you trying not to lick your lips!

Purely Poultry's Beak Balm offers a natural SPF 6, to protect your smile when you're out enjoying the coop.  Beak Balm is meant for humans (sorry fluffy butts) and is tree nut, peanut, gluten, and paraben-free.   Enjoy the best nature has to offer with Purely Poultry's Beak Balm.. you can thank us later!

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Beak Balm Lip Butter- 3-Pack

Beak Balm Lip Butter- 3-Pack

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