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Bella Coop Plan is 4'x4' and holds up to 6 hens. The Bella costs approximately $600 to build depending on lumber prices and location. Notable features include: 

16 square foot of floor space in addition to 4 exterior nesting boxes. Coop measures 7 1/2' tall at the peak and 7' wide when including the nesting boxes. 

Coop sits 2 feet off the ground for ease of use-- easy to clean and gather eggs and helps keeps your birds safe. 

Back door swings wide open for easy access for cleaning.

Predator-free, draft-free yet well-ventilated. Sliding window for natural lighting and predotor-proof screen.

The Bella chicken coop plan is the perfect solution for backyard chicken owners looking to build their own enclosure. Backyard chicken owners will find that the amenities of the Bella chicken coop will provide all of their needs to accommodate healthy, happy pet chickens. This plan provides instructions to have a safe, durable and attractive coop for any backyard. The plan's instructions will layout all of the necessary requirements needed to build the coop with basic carpentry skills.

Coop owners will find their coops are easy to clean because of the large swinging door and removable roost box. The coop is draft free yet has proper ventilation and a predator-proof window that slides open when more freshening is necessary. Four to six chickens will rest comfortably in the sixteen total square feet of room. The pet chickens will be safe and secure in four nest boxes this sturdy, predator proof coop provides. The option for an attached run is also available with this plan.

Trying to draw up a plan from scratch can cause unforeseeable problems. Guesswork on dimensions, needed materials and security for chickens can cause costly problems. Spending too much on unnecessary materials can make building a chicken coop an expensive project. In addition if trying to make a backyard coop from one's own plans there is a possibility of having unsafe conditions for the chickens. Our Bella chicken coop plan will eliminate all of the problems a do-it-yourselfer may come up against.

Coop plan will be emailed directly to you after purchase. 

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Bella Chicken Coop Plan

Bella Chicken Coop Plan

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