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Black Breasted Red Aseel Chickens

Black Breasted Red Aseel Chickens Details

Day Old Black Breasted Red Aseel Baby Chicks

Hatching February to July.

Noted for its intelligence, pugnacious temperament, and regal bearing, the Black Breasted Red Aseel chicken is sure to be noticed in the yard. Because of their territorial nature, they need a lot of room to roam. The hens make good mothers, defending their chicks very well. Because of their tight feathers, they are heavier than they look. This breed is also called Asil in oriental gamefowl circles but standardized as Aseel by the American Poultry Association.

Production: Aseels are producing brown eggs seasonally. The hens are good layers and protective mothers.

Temperament: Because they were developed as fighting birds, Aseels are aggressive with other chickens. They are intelligent and friendly with their owners, however.

History: This breed has a long history, being developed in Pakistan and India thousands of years ago for fighting. It was known in England by 1846 and was first exhibited in the United States in 1887.  Purely Poultry offers the Reza-type Asil chicken with a blend of many strains including Sonatol, Rampur, and Atkinson.

Color description: These birds will tend to be a dark red, with a black breast.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Watch

Body type: This is a very upright chicken, with a compact body and drooping tail. The musculature is solid and well-defined, with broad shoulders. They have small combs and absent or rudimentary wattles. The beak is broad and powerful. They are solid to the hand.

Standard Weights: Rooster 5.5 lbs, Hen 4 lbs, Cockerel 4.5 lbs, Pullet 3 lbs

APA Class: Any Other Standard Breeds Class underneath the Oriental subcategory.

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Black Breasted Red Aseel Chickens

Black Breasted Red Aseel Chickens

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