Black Cochin Chickens

Black Cochin Chickens
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Day Old Black Cochin Baby Chicks

Hatching March to July.

Want to know why people love Black Cochins? For several reasons, they are affable pets, excellent brooders, and easy keepers.

Production: By far, the most frequently cited reason offered for keeping Black Cochins is their easy-going attitudes. However, they are not great layers but are super sweet pets, easy to confine, and they are great with children.

Temperament: Cochins are known within the fancy breed for being extra friendly chickens. They are not aggressive.

History: In the 19th century, it was not uncommon for people to keep small backyard flocks, but Cochins and Brahmas sparked what was later dubbed "hen fever" in the US and England in the 1850s. Cochins were extremely popular for several reasons including their unusual size, their fluffiness, and their friendliness.

Cochins are often described as fluff balls. They are big, but their heavy, fluffy feathering makes them look even bigger than they actually are. They also have feathered legs, feet, and toes. All those feathers combined with their gentle natures make them particularly appealing as pets. Amazingly, many people end up keeping them as pets in the house!

Black Cochins were first included in the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection in 1874. Several other varieties of Cochins were also included, and more were added over time. Today, the Barred, Black, Blue, Brown, Buff, Golden Laced, Partridge, Silver Laced, and White Cochins are all accepted by the APA. As you might imagine, Cochins are quite popular in poultry shows!

Colors: Black Cochins are black with a beautiful shiny iridescent green sheen. They have a bright red, single comb, along with red wattles, earlobes, and a red patch around the eyes.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Watch

Body Type: Round, large, and fluffy.

Weights: Cockerel 9 lbs, Pullet 7 lbs

APA Class: Asiatic

Photo courtesy of Tracy Little

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Black Cochin Chickens

Black Cochin Chickens

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