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Black Copper Marans Chicken Hatching Eggs

Who lays the darkest egg of them all?  Many people will say that Black Copper Marans Chickens lay the darkest-colored brown eggs of any chicken breed. 

Black Copper Marans Chickens are a heritage breed, originating in France. But they have become exceedingly popular here in the U.S., where their super dark brown eggs are in high demand. A super dark egg adds tremendous excitement to a mixed egg carton, and a whole carton of super dark eggs is breathtaking!

Black Copper Marans Chickens are very good production birds. They lay a copious number of eggs - up to 200 a year. They are also good meat birds. Starting your flock of Black Copper Marans Chickens with hatching eggs makes a lot of sense. You can raise the cockerels for meat and the pullets for eggs. 

Black Copper Marans Chickens do well in pastured as well as confined environments. Roosters are protective but, in general, get along with the flock as a whole. This active and savvy breed does great foraging and is quite sociable and friendly. 

These are also very hardy birds, originating ages ago from wild swamp hens of the cold and damp coast of northern France. They are new breed though in general, as clear standards weren't developed until the late twentieth century. They were accepted by the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection in 2010, amidst much excitement.

Black Copper Marans Chickens can certainly be considered one of the most sought-after breeds of laying chickens. 

Not only do they lay strikingly dark brown eggs, but they are attractive birds as well. Roosters are mostly black with green and purple sheen. They are marked with copper accents around the head and over the saddle. Hens are almost all black, but with a green/purple sheen. 

Black Copper Marans Chickens are pricey birds, but starting your flock with hatching eggs makes great economical sense.

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Black Copper Marans Chicken Eggs

Black Copper Marans Chicken Eggs

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