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Black Free Range Broilers



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Black Free Range Broilers Details

Black Free Range Broilers

Hatching year round.


The Black Broiler is a great option for meat production. Their meat is said to be Gourmet Quality and flavor when raised in free-range conditions. Both Male and Female are good for meat birds in this variety and each broiler will consume around nine - twelve pounds of feed and reach five to six pounds in 11-13 weeks, but these birds are bred to be processes as early as 4 weeks of age.

Black Broilers are hardy birds - great for free-range or pastured environments, organic production, and for humane animal welfare production practices. Because they do not decline in health after getting to size, there is a longer window of time to arrange butchering. Black Broilers are very attractive meat birds to see on pasture.

The Black Broiler chickens are a cross with Black Jersey Giants, resulting in an efficient meat bird with black coloring both on body feathers and the legs and feet. Because these birds grow at a slower rate than the White Broilers, they do not experience the leg and other health issues caused by the fast growth rate of the White Broilers.

Production: Black Broilers are not raised for egg production. However, they are great meat birds - weighing 5-7 pounds in 11-13 weeks. Skin is pinkish white.

Temperament: Black Broilers are more active than White Broilers and are very efficient at foraging.

History: The Black Broiler cross has been being used in small meat production circles for a long time, it has a strong and solid tradition of success.

Colors: Black Broilers are black with bright red combs and wattles. Their feet and legs are black.

Conservation Status: Not applicable

Body Type: Black Broilers are fast growing large chickens. They do not have the wide stockiness of the White Broiler, and instead have a look very similar to the Black Jersey Giant heritage chicken, just a bit more industrial-looking.

Weight: Males at 11-13 weeks old will be about 6-7 pounds. Females at same age will be 5-6 pounds.

APA Class: Not applicable

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Black Free Range Broilers

Black Free Range Broilers

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