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Black Spanish Turkey Poults Details

Day Old Baby Black Spanish Turkey poults

Hatching March to July. Turkey Poults are straight run only. 

The Black Spanish Turkey is one of the oldest breeds, and for at least two centuries breeders selected for quality of meat. If you are looking for a tasty turkey, the Black Spanish may be just what you need!

Temperament: Black Turkeys are known for their calm disposition. As one of the oldest domesticated breeds of turkey, they have had time to calm down!

History: The story of the Black Turkey is a tale of two continents. It is thought that Black Turkeys were brought back from Mexico by the original explorers from the Old World. There is no evidence that there were flocks of Blacks roaming the wild, though.

Instead, breeders in Europe, particularly Spain and the Norfolk region of England, were selected for that color, as well as for the quality of meat. Blacks were raised in Europe for almost 200 years before the colonists who settled North America began crossing the ocean - bringing along flocks of Black Turkeys.

Until the development of the Bronze Breasted Turkey, Blacks were raised for production and were not uncommon. Today, the story is much different, and breeders are needed to boost the population's numbers of this old, beautiful, and delicious variety of turkey. The Black Spanish Turkeys are ready to process in 28 weeks. 

The Black Turkey was listed in the American Poultry Association’s first Standard in 1874.

Colors: The APA’s Standard of Perfection calls for a Black Turkey to have all black feathers, with no white, and no brown or bronze-colored tint or sheen. Their beaks should be black; wattles red; shanks and toes pink, although some lines have black shanks and toes.

Conservation Status: Watch

Weight: Young Tom 23 lbs, Young Hen 14 lbs

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Black Spanish Turkey Poults

Black Spanish Turkey Poults

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