Black Swedish Ducklings

Black Swedish Ducklings
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Black Swedish Ducks for sale

Hatching February to November.

Black Swedish ducks are good all-purpose ducks. They are good layers, grow to a substantial weight and are excellent foragers. If you are looking for a duck that will do well in your backyard or on your small farm, Black Swedish may be a good choice for you.

Production: Like all Swedish ducks, these lay between 130 and 180 eggs per year. They reach table weight in about 16 weeks.

Temperament: Generally, Black Swedish are calm. They tend to be a little shy, and they love to roam and forage.

History: Black Swedish ducks are usually not exhibited. They are used to produce Blue Swedish ducks which are prized for their unusual color. While they are not used for exhibition, Black Swedish make great farm ducks. They like to forage, they will hatch their own eggs if allowed to, and they are plentiful layers. They also have a striking visual appeal.

When Black Swedish are mated with Splashed (sometimes called Silver) Swedish, the result is Blue Swedish ducklings, so professional breeders will keep a flock of each color. When two Black Swedish breed, they breed true to color and the ducklings are also black.

Whether you are looking for a pet, a bird that can be raised for meat, or you want eggs, the Black Swedish is a good choice. If your goal is to exhibit your ducks, you should choose Blue Swedish.

Colors: Black with a white bib on the chest.

Livestock Conservancy Status: Watch, meaning there are fewer than 10 primary breeding flocks worldwide.

Body Type: Black Swedish are medium-sized ducks, similar in shape to Rouens or Khaki Campbells. Their feet are neither particularly far forward, nor excessively back on their bodies, so they are good swimmers, but also walk on land comfortably.

Standard Weights: Old Male 8 lbs, Old Female 7 lbs, Young Male 6.5 lbs, Young Female 5 lbs

Classification: American Poultry Association Class: Black Swedish are not standardized but Blue Swedish are a medium duck.

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Black Swedish Ducklings

Black Swedish Ducklings

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