2013 Year in Review

Purely Poultry has been making changes to be more customer friendly. 2013 was a year filled with amazing growth, record sales, and personal gains for the team.

We started 2013 by launching Vulturine Guineas Product ID 923. We ended 2013 with launching Weeder Geese Product ID 1083. We launched 160 products in 2013. Products launched that had a big impact were Muscovy Ducks, Grouse, American Game Fowl, Started Chickens and Guineas. We vastly expanded our line of books, supplies, and exotic fowl available on our website this year. We had an influx of Premier Customers that ordered large amounts of birds on a regular basis from us. We decided to no longer offer printed price lists in 2013 as a cost saving measure. Sales grew 26% in 2013 versus 2012. Page views on our website increased 5.6% in 2013 over 2012. The average visitor spent 3 minutes 58 seconds on our website in 2013.

We started offering free shipping on many of our most popular products such as Cornish Cross, Free Range Broilers, Jumbo French Guineas, and bantams. We offer free shipping on orders of 15+ ducklings and 8+ goslings. We had an over abundance of Hatchery Choice Guineas which led to deep discounting and free shipping on them.

Quail were a struggle in 2013. One of our vendors had a power outage that delayed many orders. We did add several new vendors for quail to make our supply more stable. You can order quail chicks in 2014 with confidence.

Meghan worked very hard launching the products discussed above. She found and assimilated many new vendors into our team. She has been running 5ks and joined CrossFit. She sent her youngest child off to Kindergarten in August and became full time at Purely Poultry.

Terri graduated from University of Phoenix in November. As part of her capstone course in college she completed a SWOTT analysis of Purely Poultry, rewrote our Mission Statement, and much more. Terri and Tyler worked extensively on getting the next version of our site launched on November 20th. She also worked on switching website hosting companies and telephone companies so that our systems are always fast and working. Terri welcomed her first grandbaby in 2013.

Writering. We as a team spent part of 2013 on writering. I made up a new word. Writering: the act of deciding what our next writer job should look like, finding that person, working with that person, editing and proofreading. Alexandra wrote for Purely Poultry from June until September. We spent the fall planning a strategy for replacement. Barbara started at Purely Poultry on January 2nd.

Cassandra started working for Purely Poultry in September. She works 25 hours a week. She worked on care instructions for the various birds that Purely Poultry offers. She also has been working on the Operations Manual. Cassandra closed on her new home and found out she is expecting a baby in July 2014.

Ruth worked at Purely Poultry in 2013. Ruth took care of packaging, shipping, ordering, and controlling our physical inventory. Ruth handled our accounting and accounts payable seamlessly. Ruth is now expecting a baby in May 2014.

Tyler worked a side job every Saturday and lots of week days. Tyler competed in triathlon and worked out a lot, and trained for a half marathon. Tyler welcomed Cornish Cross broilers and some bantams into his personal flock.

We want to thank you for your patronage of Purely Poultry and look forward to spending 2014 serving you.