5 Reasons You Should Sign Up for Our Newsletter

It seems like every business wants you to sign up to receive their email, and half the time, you receive it and wonder why they bother sending it at all! Well, we wanted to share a few reasons you really should get the Purely Poultry newsletter.


Reason 1:

Information! Unlike some companies, we don’t view each issue of our newsletter as an opportunity to sell you something. Instead, we want to provide you with information that will be useful to you as a person interested in poultry. We write articles, tell you about books, include links to interesting news items, and more. Our newsletter is designed to be useful to YOU, rather than a sales tool for us.


Reason 2:

Stay up-to-date! Wonder when our catalog will be mailed? Want to know about new breeds as soon as they are available? Our newsletter is the best way to find out what’s going on at Purely Poultry.


Reason 3: 

Be in the know! We share news about events in the poultry world in our newsletter. You aren’t going to find out about a new breed being accepted into the APA Standard of Perfection by watching the evening news, but you will if you read our newsletter.


Reason 4:

Special promotions! On occasion we offer newsletter subscribers special discounts. You shouldn’t expect a discount in every issue, but sometimes we look for a small way to say “thank you!”


Reason 5:

Fun and games! We are constantly looking for ways to have fun, and we’ve found that our customers and friends like to have fun, too. From book clubs to contests, we try to include something interesting in each newsletter. As an added bonus, most of our contests involve some kind of prize, so besides the occasional discounts newsletter subscribers receive, there are prizes! Who doesn’t like prizes?


So, there you have it – five good reasons you should subscribe to our email newsletter. There really is no downside, and if you should happen to discover one, there is a link to unsubscribe in every issue. You have nothing to lose!