A Poultryman Goes to China, Part 1 of a 3 Part Series

I love learning about poultry and how it is used in different way. On my trip in China I ate authentic Peking Duck, saw poultry in the grocery store, in live markets, ducks and pigeons on billboards and more. One thing I was asked several times before I left for the trip was if the trip was business or pleasure. Although the trip was planned for the purpose of visiting my brother and his new wife, I am a truly passionate poultryman so every time I would see poultry I would get excited. Check back next week to read some of what I saw of poultry in China.

In January 2010 I left my wife and new born son (only 3 months old at the time) and traveled to China with my mother. We went to visit my brother Darren, who was working as an English teacher, and to meet his wife Eva for the first time.

Darren and Eva were gracious enough to be our tour guides around China. We spent the first several days in Bejing which is where Darren was teaching at the time. We visited the Pearl Market, the Temple to Heaven, the Emperors Summer Palace, The Great Wall and many more sites. Bejing in January is very cold because it is in the northern part of China.

After seeing Bejing we flew to Guangzhao in Southern China which was nice because it was a welcomed change from the cold of the north. From Guangzhao we traveled directly to Yinfu which is where Eva grew up. Eva’s family has two homes. One in the city of Yinfu and one in the countryside around Yinfu, so we were able to sample daily life in a city and in the country in China.

Eva’s parents were very gracious hosts and we were able to enjoy several authentic experiences with them.  We got the pleasure of picking oranges from the mountainside with Eva’s mother and enjoyed an awesome meal of Hot Pot which is lots of random vegetables, mystery meat balls, and other things boiled in a delicious broth in front of you while you eat.

While in the village of Yinfu we talked to some people and they were Christians! We sang Jesus Loves Me with them in Chinese and English! That was pretty exciting. They wanted to welcome fellow believers into their home to eat some oranges, drink some tea, and share God’s word and have fellowship with them. That was probably the most exciting part of the whole trip.

4 responses to “A Poultryman Goes to China, Part 1 of a 3 Part Series”

  1. mealso says:

    it’s amazing isn’t it, the pervasion intrusion of christianity into other cultures.

  2. Tyler Danke says:

    Mealso, The amazing story of how loving these Chinese Christians were to me and my family will be told in part two.

  3. nach shon says:

    Lost MY my respect, by you capon kowtowing to this week’s Newest Chinese con game of changing the name of their cities. Peiking is Mandrian, for centuries , Beijing is the pingpay language or dialect of the current ( one has to hope temporaty) Communist in charge of the government. Next week it may he a Canotnese or Honan. So going to change the names again? The US loses ALL respect when we knuckle under to transitent name changes. Had any Deutschlander CHocolate lately or a Suisse Clock?
    But aside from that nonsense the fowl is a Peiking Duck , We do NOT change the names of well established breeds for wishy-washy PC reasons. Grow some.

  4. Tyler Danke says:

    The breed of duck is Pekin duck. The name of the city is currently regarded by the English speaking world as Bejing. The name of the dish should have been spelled Peking Roast Duck. I do not mean to be wishy-washy and my goal is not to be politically correct. My goal here is to use the correct English spellings.

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