Ask the Team: What is Your Favorite Bird and Why? Terri Answers…

snowy-call-ducklingWhen asked by my teammates what my favorite bird is and why, I immediately thought of the adorable call ducklings we received this past May. Picking up that box of adorable cuteness from the post office was a delight for me and for the postal employees as well. These newly hatched waddling fuzz balls have the ability to instantly impart a smile to even the grumpiest of faces.

According to the Call Duck Association UK, Call Ducks are the smallest of domesticated ducks, easy to maintain, and inexpensive to feed. Calls are a bantam breed of duck and are raised for exhibition, kept as pets or as ornamental additions to private property. Interestingly,they were originally bred as decoy ducks for traps.

pastel-call-ducklingAlthough Call Ducks are named for their talkative nature, we did not find they there were any more or less noisy than our flock of chickens and far more quiet than our flock of guinea fowl. Because of their small stature, Calls do require a little special care with shallow containers so that they are able to reach food and water. We also noticed that unlike most other domesticated ducks, Calls are able to fly well and require a netting in the run, or wing clipping to help assist with predator prevention until they become more secure in their surroundings.

If you are in the market for cuteness amplified, Purely Poultry offers many different color varieties of this endearing breed of duckling during the spring season.