organic rice field for backyard chickens

Beautiful Backyard Poultry

Take an imaginary walk with me for a moment. Out the back door and into your sanctuary of peace that we refer to as the backyard. The garden over there looks as though it’s grown half an inch overnight. The…

Purely Poultry's 12 Step Program for a Happier and Healthier YOU!

Purely Poultry’s 12 Step Program for a Happier and Healthier YOU!

Looking for a way to change your life for the better?  Look no further, Purely Poultry has the solution! There are countless positive aspects to raising poultry for kids from 1 to 92, as they say. The obvious are eggs,…

Diagnostic Flowcharts for Your Flock's Health with All-Natural Remedies

Diagnostic Flowcharts for Your Flock’s Health with All-Natural Remedies

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela No matter what industry you’re in, change is the only thing that’s guaranteed.  Although it’s hundreds of years old, the poultry world changes just…


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