Bantams 2020

Can you Guess the Breed?

Bantams are miniature chickens usually about 1/4 to 1/5 larger than their namesakes. Although they look like exact miniatures they are larger in head, wings, tail, and feather size than their weight would indicate. little is known of their origin but it is thought they may have originated in the Orient.
The popularity of the bantam has increased tremendously and many poultry shows have as many or more Bantams than large birds.  Bantams are known as the ” flower garden of the poultry world. ”   There are many different types and assortments of colors and color patterns.  many are miniatures of large poultry while others are of a type and color not seen in large chickens.
They are friendly birds, as well as hardy, and are equally attractive to young and old.  Many people who cannot keep large poultry raise Bantams, as they eat little and the amount of meat and eggs produced is both economical and profitable.  
Eggs from bantams are relatively larger in proportion to their body size
Bantams have been formerly known as a fancier’s delight, for pleasure and pets, but they are now proving their commercial value and are adaptable as a backyard flock.