Birds Can’t Drink Ice!

Cold weather is coming. Okay, cold weather is HERE in many parts of the country. Hopefully, your birds are snug and comfy in their coops at night and dealing with the chill very well. However, it is a fact that birds cannot drink ice.

How do you make sure that there is liquid available for your poultry at all times? There are a couple of ways to handle the ice problem:
•    Frequent watering
•    A heated waterer

The method that will work best for you probably depends on where you live. If the temperature only dips below freezing a few times each winter, a heated waterer might be overkill, but if you find a block of ice every time you go to the coop from October until March, a heated waterer could save you a whole lot of trouble.

One thing to understand is that a heated waterer doesn’t keep the water warm, it just keeps it liquid. There are lots of products on the market, and here are a few things you might want to look for when you are shopping:

Stability – if your birds have to perch on the edge, will it tip over?
Cord – you want a fairly heavy duty cord for safety.
Thermostat – some models will automatically come on and go off as the temperature drops and rises, so you save power and have one less thing to worry about.
Price – you can usually expect to pay somewhere between $19-$25 for a heated waterer, but prices do range up to $50. You will probably want to compare features to be sure you are getting the best product for your situation.

We like the P60 60-Watt Premium Heated Pet Bowl from Farm Innovators. It works well even during cold Wisconsin winters. Do you have a favorite heated waterer? Or, do you have some other method of keeping your birds’ water thawed? Leave a comment and let us know how you handle the ice-block problem!