Coloring Eggs: How do the Chickens do it?

Coloring Eggs: How do the Chickens do it?

While we scramble around finding the newest and, likely, easy clean-up ways of coloring our eggs for the upcoming holidays, I stopped to wonder,  If we all had Easter Eggers, we could get through Easter vinegar-free and with un-stained hands….

hen and geese on farm

Peculiar Poultry -25 Freaky Facts about your Flock

1. Chickens succumb to Hypnosis! Holding a chicken’s head against the ground and drawing a line in the dirt with a stick, starting at the beak and moving away from the chicken will freeze the bird for 15-30 seconds! 2. …

organic rice field for backyard chickens

Beautiful Backyard Poultry

Take an imaginary walk with me for a moment. Out the back door and into your sanctuary of peace that we refer to as the backyard. The garden over there looks as though it’s grown half an inch overnight. The…


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