Chicks and Kids

A couple months ago the family for whom I provide daycare services bought their first batch of chicks. They recently built a beautiful house near Devil’s Lake State Park here in Southern Wisconsin, and with the new house came a lot of land. What better way to use it up than start a tremendously huge and beautiful garden, and start raising chickens? Each day their 4 year old daughter keeps me updated on what the “chick chicks” are doing, how their little farm is coming along, and reminds me to give her and my 3 year old daughter their Paw Patrol vitamin. 

I feel incredibly blessed that I get to play with their daughter every day, and even more so with the friendship that has blossomed from this working relationship. Our daughters are a year apart in age, and both only children, so for about 50 hours a week they get to see what it’s like to be a big, and little, sister. The family has an “open door” policy for my family so we can stop by and see the chicks anytime we want, and give our daughter an opportunity to watch them grow, too. Unfortunately for my family, the final word came down and we are not allowed to have any poultry in our little subdivision so we live vicariously through these friends.

They started their flock with Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rock and Buff Orpington chicks. This morning the kiddo arrived bright and early and was excited to tell me they were able to let the chicks out and they chased her all around the yard. It’s been rainy here this week so the chicks haven’t been able to roam as freely as all would like. While the chicken chasing was all in good fun, it got me thinking about the best breeds to raise with young kids involved. Just like any other animal, there are some breeds that are friendlier than others. 

After research and talking with flock owners, I’m presenting you with my top three picks for Chicks and Kids in a three-part blog series. Starting next week I’ll dive into some chicken history, background and some fun fowl facts.

Stay tuned!