Chocolate Eggs. The Rumor, and the Facts

Despite the rumor going around, chocolate eggs do not come from bunnies! Only the Cadbury eggs come from bunnies. Chocolate eggs come from chickens of course!! The insides may not be chocolate, but the gorgeous dark chocolate shells range from a deep brown to an almost wine-colored egg. If you want to add beautiful color to your eggs basket, choose from the breeds listed below.

Barnevelder: This breed is hardy in cold climates and comes in a variety of color patterns and they have a beautiful green shimmer to their dark feathers. The eggs are dark and these super layers will yield about 200 eggs per year. They are also very friendly and docile.

Black Copper Marans: The Black Copper Maran is probably the most common dark chocolate egg layer. They lay dark shades of deep, rich brown eggs. Their black feathers shimmer iridescent in the sun and they usually have feathered feet. These beauties lay about 150 eggs per year.

Cuckoo Marans: Cuckoo Marans come in a few different colors with a barred or striped pattern to their feathers. The most common are the silver and gold varieties. They lay a dark chocolate-colored egg but tend to vary in color tone and can be speckled. Cuckoos have little to no feathering on their legs.

Welsummer: The Welsummer is a favorite breed of many poultry farmers. They look similar to a brown leghorn and lay around 160 eggs per year. Their eggshell color is a lighter brown than other varieties but still dark enough to stand out in your egg basket. Welsummers are great foragers and will do well free-ranging.

Regardless of what breed you choose, you can rest assured that these birds will provide you with an abundance of dark chocolate colored eggs!!