Commercial Blood-line Strains of Cornish Cross Broilers

The Cornish Cross is a hybrid of the Cornish and the Plymouth White chicken, which are bred to produce the meat you see in the grocery stores across the country. These meat chickens are very large, with all white feathers and red combs. They have strong-looking, thick, yellow legs, and feet. They are very fast-growing, probably the fastest-growing of all the chickens making them very economical to raise and process for your freezer.

There are actually different strains of Cornish Cross and they have different characteristics. The most common strains are the Cobb 500, Ross 308, and Ross 708. All three produce white-feathered birds with yellow legs, but the Cobb 500 has a rounder appearance and sometimes has black flecks. The Cobb 500 and the Ross 308 are known for their heavy breast meat and are often called ” Jumbo Cornish Cross”

The Ross 708, although large, has a sleeker appearance and the meat is distributed more through the bird, rather than being large breasted. They grow more slowly, but they catch up in just a week or two more of feeding. These may be called “Cornish Rock”

So, you will need to decide if you want more breast meat and choose the Ross 308 or the Cobb 500 or, if you prefer larger dark meat and smaller you may choose the Ross 708. However, both all of these strains are fast growing so quite economical and are large with an average weight of 6 lbs in 8 to 10 weeks.

Can meat chickens get too big?

They’re very different from laying hens. You’ll have a lot (usually 50 or more, although you could just raise a few) of fast-growing birds. … Also note, it’s cruel to meat birds to let them live longer than a few months as they are heavy-breasted and can die of heart failure if they grow too big.

If you find your broilers to be sitting around, or having trouble walking, they are eating too much and growing too fast. The feed may be lifted at night after 3 to 4 weeks in order to prevent this.

Some people are looking to recreate their own cornish Cross Broilers by breeding Plymouth rock Chickens with Cornish chickens. The offspring of this mix will not be the same. Cornish Cross Broilers are hybrids, so if two are bred together, they will not produce the same high-quality chicks as themselves. They might also be too large by the time they reach maturity to breed naturally. The true Cornish Cross broilers have been scientifically bred for many years (over 50), by scientists to produce the high efficient production bird.

Cornish Game Hens:

Cornish game Hens are female Cornish Cross Broilers that are processed when they are four to five weeks old at about 2 to 2.5 pounds. They are tender, compact, and are excellent for roasting or grilling whole. Feeding them high protein from start to finish will help in achieving plumper hens.

What Purely Poultry Offers:

Here at Purely Poultry, we can offer, all year round, both the Jumbo Cornish Cross and the Cornish Rock bloodline strains.