Enjoy a Rainbow of Eggs

Some people just want all white eggs. Others like a more colorful life. I love color. My chickens and eggs show that. To enjoy a rainbow of eggs, here are some breeds to try.

White: White leghorns, brown leghorns, and California white chickens all lay white eggs.

Cream: Light Brahma and salmon favorolles lay eggs that are a creamy, not white but not- quite brown egg.

Light brown: Many chickens lay light brown eggs, but Plymouth rocks (sometimes called barred-rock), Orpingtons, wyandottes, and Rhode Island reds are some of the most popular breeds that lay light brown eggs.

Dark brown: Black copper marans, welsummer, and Chocolate Copper Queens lay chocolatey brown eggs.

Blue: Ameraucana, and cream legbar chickens each lay blue-colored eggs. The blue-egg laying gene is similar to the gene a robin carries.

Green: Green egg-laying chickens are called “olive eggers.” These are chickens that are a mix of breeds that combine blue egg-laying genes and brown egg-laying genes to create chickens that will lay their own unique shade of green egg.

Rainbow surprise: If you want a “Rainbow Surprise” Easter eggers are fun to have around. These can lay eggs that are pink, green, blue, white, cream, or brown—-you won’t know until they start laying!

So whatever color and breed you chose. Have fun and Catch the Rainbow.