Featured Blog Post: Gail and Her Lady Amherst Pheasants


In March of 2015, we had the pleasure of “meeting” Gail.  She called Purely Poultry and told us about the pheasant that wandered onto her property, and no one knew what he was.  Then one day, he started growing his beautiful blue, orange, and white adult feathers, and he was identified as one of the breathtaking Lady Amherst Pheasants.  Gail lovingly named him Charlie.
Male Lady Amherst Pheasant


As time went on, Gail realized that Charlie was lonely and needed a mate.  Purely Poultry to the rescue again!  We were able to find a Juvenile Lady Amherst pheasant to keep Charlie company.  Gail emailed us once her new pheasant arrived, and let us know that Charlie was incredibly happy to have a new companion!  


Two months later, we got another call from Gail.  Unfortunately, Charlie’s first leading lady was lost in a truck accident, and Gail knew she needed to get him another companion!   Purely Poultry always have many breeds of Pheasant for sale.  Gail ordered another female Juvenile Lady Amherst pheasant for Charlie, and she was named Millie.  We were so excited to be able to help her out a second time.  Gail was extremely pleased with her new pheasant, and Charlie was even happier.
Juvenile Female Lady Amherst Pheasant


On June 10th, Gail decided that Charlie needed one more lady in his life.  She called Purely Poultry for the third time, and we happened to have an Adult female Lady Amherst pheasant available for Charlie, as he is 3 years old.  Gail was delighted with the news.  Five days later, we shipped out her newest addition, and Clare arrived safe and sound.  Let’s just say Charlie is one lucky guy!


We loved learning about Gail, Charlie, Millie, and Clare over the past few months, and have thoroughly enjoyed helping her out every time she has called.  Here at Purely Poultry, we do everything we can to make sure every customer has the best experience possible.   


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