From Placing an Order to Pick Up at the Post Office

“They arrive by mail?! Is that safe?”

If you have never ordered chicks online before, you probably have lots of questions about how the process works, from placing your order to picking up your chicks at your local post office. While it may seem crazy for live, baby animals to be

photo courtesy of Mary Henke-Hasslinger via Facebook

shipped via USPS, it is perfectly safe. In fact, we are so confident we offer a 100% Live Arrival Guarantee.

The reason this works – and is safe for the chicks – is that baby chicks are designed to be just fine for up to 72 hours without food or water. They ingest the yolks of the eggs from which they hatch before hatching. The yolk provides them with the nutrition they need to survive for a few days.

The boxes that chicks are shipped in are well-ventilated and we can include Gro-Gel Plus if you include it in your order. Obviously, you will need to pick up your chicks as soon as you can so you can give them food and water but you don’t need to worry about their health during shipping.

When you are ready to order your chicks, you should decide when you want your chicks to arrive. Since chicks aren’t the kind of thing that can be kept on shelves and “in stock” you should allow at least a couple of weeks between the time you order and the time you’d like them to arrive. If you are ordering a rare breed, we may be booking them out several weeks out.

You should choose a date range, rather than a specific date, when you place your order of chicks. We will notify you by email of your ship date after receiving your order. The chicks will arrive at your local post office either the day after your ship date or the day after that. The Post Office will call you to let you know they have arrived. You will have to go to the Post Office to get them; they will NOT be left in your mailbox.

You should have a brooder prepared for the chicks when you get them home. We do not allow for pick-up at our office. We sell chicks online that are hatched by a number of different suppliers so that we can offer a wide range of choice of species and breeds. You are welcome to call us with questions.