Giving Poultry as a Gift

Holiday Gifts from Purely Poultry
The season of giving and holiday gifting is upon us, and many poultry enthusiasts may be thinking of giving poultry as a gift. It is important to Chicken presentbe responsible when gifting live poultry.

Be certain that the person you are buying the birds for actually wants them. If they have never raised poultry before – think twice about springing live birds on them. If they do have a flock of poultry, be sure that you are getting appropriate breeds that can be integrated into their current flock.

Also, live birds may not make good surprise gifts. Whoever you are buying them for will need to be set up for them upon arrival. Adult birds will need an appropriate and safe enclosure of some sort, and chicks and other babies will need to be put into a warm and ready brooder immediately.

If you do buy live birds as a gift, make sure they are prepared or consider including supplies they may need to go with their live bird gift. Check out our Starter Supplies!

The holiday season is cold in most areas of the U.S., and for most people, it is a bit early to start raising chicks for spring. Consider placing an order for the spring as a gift and giving your friend or family member a card letting them know the ship date and what will be arriving instead of actual live birds. Another option would be a gift certificate and that way whoever you are giving it to can pick exactly what they want and order Gift Certificateswhen they are ready.

We also offer lots of items to make poultry rearing easier and more efficient for the poultry owners on your holiday shopping list Рyou might consider Coop Accessories or Egg Supplies. There are many great items including an Egg Basket or a Skelter that would absolutely thrill poultry owners. We also offer waterers and watering systems like the Chicken Fountain which make life with chickens so much easier and cleaner! Other great gift ideas include books, posters, or lovely framed prints.

If you have a serious poultry person on your list who doesn’t have an incubator – we offer a Circulated Air Incubator to get them started on hatching their own eggs. Consider a gift certificate to go along with the incubator that they can then use for hatching eggs! We have three pages for hatching eggs: Chickens eggs, duck eggs, and Other fowl eggs.

If you do know that the person who you are ordering for is ready, willing, and able to accept live birds as a holiday gift – then be sure to order at Chickens Eating From Handleast a month in advance! Ducklings and Chicks are not last minute Christmas gifts!

Gifts for Your Wonderful Birds
Don’t forget to include your birds in the holiday festivities! Check out our Feed and Treats for some stocking-stuffers for your birds! Hens are truly delighted – especially in winter – by our Garden Delight, Mealworm Delight, and Harvest Delight treats!

Year Round Gifting
We are here and available to help you out with arranging gifts for your poultry loving friends and family members. Order early for the best selections. Spring chick orders starts on November 12 and we will have more varieties and breeds than ever before!