Gourmet Foods Start Here!

So many things are considered a delicacy these days. From blowfish to octopus and so many others. Well, at Purely Poultry, we offer them, too. Only, fresher!

That’s right, right here at Purely Poultry we have an array of items that, once prepared, are considered delicacies. The black meat of a Silkie Broiler, for instance. Balut Eggs, Guinea Fowl, and Quail and quail eggs are other items that are a delicacy.

So we are here to not only tell you about the gourmet items that we offer but help you to get your first taste, too! No need to leave these yummy treats for the upscale restaurants or export markets. You can have these delectable foods right in your kitchen. Here’s how:

Silkie Chickens:
No one is exactly sure where Silkies originated, but Marco Polo did mention black-skinned, furry chickens in his travels through Asia during the 13th century. There is speculation that the breed was brought west through the silk trade, but no one knows for sure.
There have been many myths about Silkies. They have been billed as being covered in mammal fur, being a hybrid of a chicken and a rabbit, and as having miracle healing properties. Of course, none of the myths are true, and though they are unusual chickens, Silkies are, indeed, just chickens.

Silkie Chickens, also known as Taihe chickens, Black Meat Chickens, or Silkies Chickens, are a popular meat bird in the Asian Market. Highly sought after for their gourmet dark meat, skin, and bones, these meat birds are the perfect option to fill a growing trend.

Silkie has a rich history of Chinese tradition, folklore, and culture. Their dark meat, skin, and bones are believed to have medicinal qualities. Traditionally, the meat and skin were eaten, and the bones were used for stock. The bones were then ground into powder and turned into a variety of medicines. Recent studies have shown that there may even be some truth to this–the dark meat, skin, and bones are rich in antibodies. The stock is also well known for increasing fertility.
At 12 weeks, Silkie Broilers will have a live weight around 3 pounds and will process out around 2. If allowed to grow longer, males can reach weights of 5 pounds and females 3.

Silkie Broilers can be dressed and served just as you might many other poultry dishes, and you can find many recipes by browsing the world wide web. My favorite recipe is Roasted Black Silkie with Smoked Paprika!

Guinea Fowl:

Guinea fowl has been in many cultures and history for quite some time. The Egyptians domesticated them 4,000 years ago and used them as a table bird. Several species of Guinea Fowl are assumed to originate in Africa as well. But here at Purely Poultry, we have French Guinea Fowl, along with a variety of other Guineas,  for you to raise at home to get the best tasting meat available. Guineas are at their best if butchered in the Fall, between September and November. You might try raising guineas for restaurants because there is a demand for their lean, tender, dark meat. Our French/ Jumbo guinea breeder imports their breeding stock from Grimaud Freres in France because Grimaud’s guineas have a strong genetic potential for meat production. The fillet yield is 24% of the live weight.

Guinea fowl is a bit drier and more “pheasant” tasting than chicken and will require more moisture and a careful eye to not overcook it. Its small size may make it seem like the legs and wings couldn’t be used, but they are also wonderful, especially if marinated before cooking.


So, you’re probably thinking, “Quail? Really?” My answer is ..Yes! Lots of people have consumed quail for many years, and it’s no secret. From Baked to Roasted to Honey Glazed, quail are known to be some of the best poultry available. Did you know, however, that you can pickle their eggs for a tasty treat? Or stuff them into a mushroom cap for fancy appetizers? That’s right! The eggs of a quail are yummy, healthy, and -you guessed it- a delicacy! Also, Coturnix Quail eggs have proven beneficial in fighting more than 30 diseases. Boiled, Curried, Fried, grilled, or Scotched, the Quail Egg is one of the most versatile, yummy, and beautiful foods we can serve. And although there are many ways to cook this tasty treat, Quail eggs are most beneficial when eaten raw. Quail eggs can be eaten raw, too, without the risk of salmonella as they do not contain the harmful bacteria of a chicken egg due to a higher body temperature and greater amounts of lysozyme, which kills harmful bacteria. So browse our Quail page today, maybe purchase some hatching eggs to get you started,  and get on your way to better health and better eating.

Other Haute Cuisine items:

If raising your own delicacies isn’t’ your thing, we also have a few ready-to-prepare items that you can order. Purely Poultry offers Balut Eggs and Salted Eggs for those of you who enjoy these off-the-grid delicacies.

Balut Eggs are partially developed duck embryos that are then boiled and eaten out of the shell. They are hard to find but are considered a culinary delicacy by many Asian cultures. In the Philippines, Balut is becoming a part of haute cuisine, showing up on high-end restaurant menus. However, Balut has had a place in the Filipino cultural tradition for hundreds of years. Balut is also a part of Vietnamese cuisine, where they’re called Hot Vit Lon, and are found in many traditional dishes of other Southeast Asian countries.

Salted Eggs are a delicacy originally from China. Duck eggs are the traditional eggs used for salting as they achieve creamier richer yolks and sharper flavored whites. The salt curing process creates an egg with a briny aroma, a thickly set white, and a bright orange or red colored yolk. Once cooked, yolks are rich and full of flavor and whites are salty and sharp.
Our Salted Duck Eggs are not dyed or cooked. You will have to boil them.

So many options.. and you thought we just sold chickens! Browse our site and pick up some of these new fancy flavors for yourself. Need help preparing? Check us out on Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest for our favorite recipes!