Meghan Howard

Hello fellow poulty lovers! My name is Meghan Howard. You may recognize me from emails, phone calls, and our facebook page. I 1063778_10151741337730469_1499609721_owant to introduce myself to you today.

In 2006, I moved out of the suburbs and into the country.  After enjoying a year of rural living, I decided to try something “farm-y” and thought that chickens might be the way to start. They were relatively inexpensive, easy to care for, and didn’t eat much… or so I thought! I found a local farmer selling some Rhode Island Red mixed chicks and bought my first dozen. Unfortunately, I lost a few that first week because I didn’t have any idea what I was doing. I found myself at the library that weekend checking out pretty much all the books they had on chickens (rural library, not a huge selection!) I learned so much from my mistakes that first year. I read all that I could about chickens.  I watched them, studied them, and fell in love with them.

That winter, I had a Golden Sebright hen that went broody on some eggs she had laid. I just let her sit on them to see what would happen. Unfortunately, since it was winter, they didn’t hatch. This inspired me to get an incubator. Years later I am still hatching my own eggs and my one incubator has grown to six.

I have owned many different birds over my career as a Backyard Flock Owner. I have experience with a variety of chicken breeds including Black Australorps, Cuckoo Marans, Silver Campines, Sebrights, Mottled Anconas, Barred Rocks, Golden BuffsSilver Lakenvelders Old English Game Bantams, Easter Egger bantams, and many others. Other birds I own or have owned include the Coturnix Quail, Peafowl, Guineas, and Turkeys.

I have experience in many aspects of poultry husbandry including buying, selling, feeding, vitamins and meds. I can set dislocated hock joints and other basic veterinary care.  I have helped construct my own chicken coops and runs. I gather eggs for eating and also for incubating, raising them from a hatchling until they are full grown. I’ve not lost any of my love for them. After all this time I still enjoy just watching them because they are so interesting! I am the poultry go-to person for all my friends and enjoy talking to fellow enthusiasts about all aspects of poultry. I have built a pretty extensive home library of poultry books.

In addition to poultry, I enjoy running and CrossFit and am an avid organic gardener. I sell seeds, garden starts, produce, and eggs locally. I am passionate about my food and where it comes from and will happily discuss this with anyone interested.

I am honored to work for Purely Poultry. Thank you very much for reading.