Photo Contest Wrap-Up

This year’s photo contest, which we began in July, and which ended at midnight Central Time on August 31, was our first. We learned a lot, and really enjoyed seeing all of your funny and sweet photos. If you submitted a photo, or voted in the contest, thanks for your participation!


As the first, the 2011 photo contest had its share of bumps and problems. Rest assured, if we decide to hold another photo contest next year, we will do things a little differently! However, despite a few problems, we had over 100 entries and many more votes than that.


We sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm and willingness of our friends, customers and visitors to participate in this sort of contest, and look forward to some other similar, fun things in the near future.


If you haven’t checked it out yet, here are our winners:


Eat More What ???? with 314 votes is our #1 winner:



My Pretty Pecker comes in a #2 with 275 votes:


BB Red Banty holds spot #3 at 263 votes: