Poultry at the Madison Children’s Museum

Right in the urban heart of downtown Madison, WI you can find chickens, fish, all sorts of growing things – you just have to look up! The Madison Children’s Museum has created a rooftop garden – that they call the Rooftop Ramble – that is designed to give children the opportunity to learn, explore, and experience nature and the great outdoors. As the season changes so does the garden, which includes a fish pond, flowers, climbing equipment, and other fun stuff. This garden is all about showing kids that stuff will grow even in the middle of a city.

Obviously the chickens were the highlight of the trip for us at Purely Poultry! The Rooftop Ramble featured a variety of breeds of chickens along with all sorts of cool learning opportunities. The youngest members of our team got to see a chicken skeleton and a mealworm growing station, where mealworms were being raised to feed to the chickens. The enclosures were awesome – it is awesome in general to see chickens up on a roof in a lush garden!

Chickens as parts of rooftop gardens are becoming more and more popular. There are all sorts of great designs for coops and enclosures that can fit any size roof. Chickens are light and not very messy – they are perfect urban animals to keep!

They really complement small rooftop farms and gardens too – providing manure for adding nutrients to the soil as well as pest control. Plus you can’t beat gathering some eggs along with the garden veggies!