Poultry Terms

So poultry lover…Seems speaking poultry has become sort of an “art”. Well, maybe it’s been there all along and I just didn’t understand so I chose to ignore these poultry terms. At any rate….here’s a list of a few I’ve learned recently. Feel free to add terms to the list.

Angry pancake: This is a term used to describe a broody hen who snarls at anyone who bothers her (the angry part) and has spread herself out to try and be as flat as possible (like a pancake).

Bloom: This is the invisible coating around the outside of an eggshell that protects it from bacterial contamination. The bloom generally remains intact until the egg has been washed or cracked. If an egg has been washed (thereby removing the bloom), the egg should be refrigerated.

Brooder: the brooder is the box or container you use to raise chicks in without the help of a mother hen. Broody: Broody can either be an adjective or a noun. As an adjective, it describes the state a hen is in when she is either trying to hatch eggs or is raising baby chicks. As a noun, broody is used as a short form for “broody hen” or “hen that is brooding.

Chicken math: A condition that strikes most chicken owners when they go from owning a small flock to suddenly owning many, many more chickens than originally anticipated. If you insist you only want 6 chickens and somehow end up with twelve, you have become a victim of chicken math

Coop: A small house or shelter your chickens roost in as well as lay eggs in.

Freezer camp: A slang way to say you are going to butcher your poultry. “I’m getting ready to send my rooster to freezer camp.” means you are getting ready to kill and butcher him.

And there you are. I’m sure many, many more terms are used for poultry. Like, name of the babies. But, that’s another blog. Remember to add your terms in the comments.